~*Kaylee Anne*~


My dog's name is Petie! His Birthday is August 12, 2002. He's a Boxer/ Chow/ Retriever Mix. He has SO much energy. I love dogs with energy, because when I play with him, it helps me build balance, and agility for sports. He got his name because he looks like the dog from the little Rascals, and that dogs name is "petey", but we wanted a different spelling. Also, he loves it when you throw a ball up in the air for him to catch. He hates taking baths, and he also hates it when you squeek squeeky toys in his face...I found that out the hard way. He also hates his ears touched! I found that out the hard way too!



My cat's name is Luvs. She's just your average short haired house cat. Except she's double pawed which makes her special. Her Birthday is March 18, the same day as my brothers. Her pretty green eyes are always closed because she's always sleeping. I'm lucky she was awake long enough for me to take this picture! As you can see, she has a half black, half white face, which is rare in house cats. Going outside in the summer is her favorite thing to do. She loves purring, being pet, and sitting on your lap, That's how she got her name.


Buddi was my hamsters name. I'm honestly not sure what kind he was, but he was amazingly cute! His favorite thing to do was run on his wheel. During the day, all he did was sleep in the holes he dug himself, but when he woke up at about 7:00 PM every night, he was on his wheel running like there was no tomorrow. Eventually there was No tomorrow... He was light brown and white as you can see. When you held him close to your nose, he'd sniff you for a few seconds then he'd lick you! There was really no significance to his name. I just know that he was the cutest hamster I've ever owned!

R.I.P BUDDI~I LOVE YOU!! DECEMBER1, 2007-MAY 5 2008</3